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Eva Murko surrounded by apple tree in a full bloom

It’s the 1st of May and it looks like I am about to write my first blog. I am feeling all these words on my chest desperately want to get out.

Maybe I should introduce myself first that sounds like a good plan. I was born… ha-ha do not worry I am not going to do this to you. Let’s say I’m a passionate photographer who gave herself a break from her passion for good long 10 years… Wait, is that even possible?? Yes, it is, and I know that’s crazy, but I’ve learned not to judge myself for it too much and just trust the timings. I had that voice in the back of my head telling me to take that path the entire time, but I just wasn’t ready. At least I thought I was not. And here I am matured, wiser, stronger and more beautiful ha-ha. I and my inner voice are the best team now and we are here to create some magic.

Why today is the day?

Today was a payday and when I saw my furlough pay for my waitressing job (as I still need to pay my bills while investing my savings into my business) I’ve become scared how I’m going to keep up building my dream as it still needs lots of investing. And then I draw a card (Conversations with God) which says, “Hear my voice everywhere you go” and went for a walk with my dog. And I really heard that voice.

Someone’s Instagram post came to my mind where the girl found a four-leaf clover and wrote: “Today is a WIN!”. So, I started looking, feeling like I really need one because I’m having a shitty day. I needed the proof so I can be happy. I did not find any. No luck. Disappointed I gave up and told myself everything is going to be ok anyway. And then I realised I am wearing my favourite hoodie with a huge four-leaf clover on the back. I wear it all the time so comfy and incredibly special to me as it was a gift from my dear friend Debi Purcel who used to be an MMA fighter and built her clothing brand called Fighter Girls. So literally that four-leaf clover was sitting on my back the whole time.

Eva Murko throwing Frisbee to her dog Sunny

What I then realized is that I don’t need to look for the proof that I’m lucky and on the right path because every path is the right path. Also, what I know for sure is when you follow your inner voice act on your passion amazing things will happen.

What happens when you stop paddling upstream?

 I’ve opened the door to the wedding and elopement photography business with the heart on my palms and so far, I’ve met nothing but angels.

Hannak K. Photography shared with me the knowledge and her soul. Amy -Rose Photography who just gave me a call saying she was happy to take me with her to practice shooting some weddings. And Tom Jeavons Photography who showed me how he runs his successful business step by step.

Inspiration is around you

Watching Sorelle Amore YouTube inspirational video

The last thing and the actual inspiration for this blog was Sorell Amore. Yes, that crazy YouTuber with a smile around her head and the longest legs who teaches how to take advanced selfies. I know right? I have been noticing her for years, but I was like, what selfies? No thanks! And then I watched the video about how she bought a house in Iceland. That spoke directly to my heart reminding me how important it is to listen to your inner voice which will lead you eventually to the real YOU, to who you really are and was always meant to be.

Maybe it will sound crazy at first and you might think “no way” and resist it completely. But my advice is simple, just follow through and trust, no matter how crazy it might look. And if you don’t have any big projects or anything overwhelmingly important on your mind that’s ok. Just follow those little impulses like I want to go for a walk or call that person, write a blog, listen to that song or even take some pictures of socks for International Lost sock day.

This voice is always trying to bring you closer to who you really are.

So, the house in Iceland? Fuck yeah! Well done Sorelle! I have subscribed!

Choose to look on the bright side

Eva Murko lying on the grass next to the daisies

When I came to England 10 years ago and got paid for the first time £700 I was like OMG how cool I can go to Iceland. And when I received £700 today I was like oh no, how am I going to survive?

I realized that negative feeling right away and I was like no I don’t want to go this way. I want to have that Icelandic attitude!!!


I’ve got paid £700 today while I still could build my website and have the most relaxing and creative time ever!

Today is a WIN!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Eva Murko jumping in the forest

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Love to you all!


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