Rowton Castle Wedding Photography

Rowton Castle wedding Photography: Bridal party posing for the group photo.

Nestled in the scenic Shropshire countryside, Rowton Castle stands as a captivating venue for elegant and modern weddings. Its majestic stone facade, surrounded by lush gardens, provides a picturesque setting for couples exchanging vows. With its blend of historic architecture and modern interiors, Rowton Castle offers a charming backdrop for unforgettable wedding photography, capturing the beauty and joy of your wedding day. This enchanting castle is a true testament to the enduring allure of love and serves as an exquisite canvas for Rowton Castle wedding photography, where love and romance thrive amidst a harmonious fusion of the past and the present.

Wedding Photography

Hello! My name is Eva and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Solihull, Birmingham. I specialize in capturing candid, natural moments during weddings in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, and Oxfordshire. My goal is to provide you with a unique and personal wedding experience and to create timeless images that transport you back to the emotions of your special day. I believe that photography has the power to truly capture the beauty and emotion of your wedding day.

Newlyweds joyfully walking through Rowton Castle grounds during wedding portraits.

Wedding Preparations

As a wedding photographer, capturing the morning bridal preparation was a true delight. The bride, along with her fun-loving bridesmaids and adorable daughters, got ready in the cozy and stylish Towerhouse of Rowton Castle. It was a joy to document these genuine and heartwarming moments, preserving the natural beauty and joyful energy of this special morning. In addition to capturing the morning bridal preparation, I had the opportunity to photograph the groom’s preparations as well. The groom, accompanied by his supportive best man and groomsmen, got ready in style. The groom’s elegant tuxedo, complemented by a sophisticated black and white color scheme, created a timeless and dashing look. Meanwhile, the bridesmaids looked stunning in their chic black dresses, adding to the overall sense of style and elegance.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful and heartfelt affair, filled with unexpected moments. Right up until the last minute, we were unsure whether the rain would force us indoors or allow for an outdoor celebration. Thankfully, the rain magically stopped, and the sky opened up just in time for the ceremony at the breathtaking Linden Belvedere. Set high above the picturesque Shropshire countryside, it provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for this special occasion. The couple exchanged their vows amidst vibrant wildflowers, surrounded by majestic lime trees. As the bride, accompanied by her daughters, walked down the aisle from the castle, she looked absolutely stunning. The groom was visibly moved, his emotions reflecting the significance of the moment. It was a truly magical ceremony, where love, nature, and cherished memories intertwined seamlessly.

Wedding Portraits

Taking group photos of the bridal party was so much fun. The bridal party looked stunning in their stylish tuxedos and black and white color scheme, while the bridesmaids rocked their beautiful black dresses. We had a blast capturing their infectious energy and genuine laughs during the group photos. Afterward, I had the pleasure of taking the newlywed couple for intimate portraits, allowing them to cherish precious moments on the castle grounds.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

The newlywed couple entered the room, and the whole crowd cheered with excitement. The wedding speeches and the wedding breakfast took place in the stunning Cardeston Suite, a grand hall with a Georgian Gothic style. The room was impressive, featuring an ornate fireplace, intricately carved pelmets, and striking chandeliers. It provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the heartfelt speeches and the genuine emotions shared on this special day.

Eva Murko Photography

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