Tipi Herefordshire Wedding Photography

A bride and groom hugging in a wheat field at the tipi wedding in Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Summer Wedding | Lucy and Andrew

When I met Andrew and Lucy amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Shropshire for their engagement shoot, I sensed their wedding would be something truly special. And it absolutely was. Surrounded by their amazing family and friends, their Tipi summer farm wedding radiated with joy and love. I’ve always found farmers to be incredibly warm-hearted people, and being part of their celebration was a blast. Despite the dramatic weather with strong winds, shifting skies, and even rainbows, the day was filled with unforgettable moments and love that truly swept us off our feet.

Eva Murko Photography

Hey there! I’m Eva, a passionate wedding photographer from Solihull, Birmingham. I absolutely love capturing those real, natural moments at weddings across the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, and Oxfordshire. My joy is to give you a special and personalized wedding experience by creating timeless photos that bring back all the emotions from your big day. I truly believe in the magic of photography to capture the beauty and emotions of your wedding day. Let’s create some wonderful memories together!

Wedding Preparations

Arriving at Lucy’s parents’ charming hilltop home in the morning was met with heavy rain, but her dad kindly escorted me with a large umbrella. Despite the rain, the atmosphere inside buzzed with the excitement of wedding preparations. Amidst the makeup and hair styling, I seized the opportunity to capture the details of her bouquet, shoes, and jewelry. However, it was Lucy’s dress that truly stole the show – a magnificent bow that left me in awe. Bringing the dress downstairs to a porch bathed in soft light, I was struck by the tender moments as Lucy helped her parents prepare. As Lucy slipped into her gown with her mother’s assistance, she radiated absolute beauty. Meanwhile, at the nearby cottage by the church, I documented Andrew and his groomsmen’s preparations, capturing heartfelt moments, including the exchange of a thoughtful gift from Lucy.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was simply stunning. Once the church filled up, I stepped outside to capture beautiful shots of Lucy, her dad, and the bridesmaids. Despite the windy weather, they made their way to the church, with Lucy’s veil catching the breeze along the way. The ceremony itself was heartfelt, and Lucy looked absolutely incredible. After they exchanged vows and rings, I found myself unexpectedly emotional when one of Lucy’s bridesmaids sang at church with her angelic voice. The newlyweds walked out of the church, walking under the forks, a nod to the importance of farming in their lives, before being greeted by cheers, confetti, and smiles. But my favorite moment was when Lucy’s dress caught the wind just right. After taking a couple of photos, the couple drove off to the venue in a classic car, marking the start of their journey together in style.

Tipi Wedding Photography Portraits and Family Photos

As soon as the newlyweds arrived at the venue, they were overjoyed to see their beloved dog, Orla, and we couldn’t resist capturing some heartwarming moments with their furry friend. With the Tipi nestled in the scenic countryside, we took a stroll to a nearby golden wheat field, providing a stunning backdrop for our photoshoot. As the sun peeked out, it bathed everything in a warm glow, making our time together truly magical.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

As everyone cozied up in the beautifully decorated Tipi, the much-anticipated speeches kicked off. Amidst the tasty meal, heartfelt words filled the air, creating an atmosphere that was both warm and genuine. The relaxed, festival vibe added an extra layer of charm to the Tipi wedding.

Cake Cutting, First Dance, and Party

The winter wedding brought the magic of sparklers as darkness fell early, and it was such a blast! With Rowton Castle as our backdrop, the sparkler photos looked stunning. Then came the exciting moment of cutting the cake, complete with the traditional sword. Next up, the bride and groom took to the dance floor for their beautiful first dance. As they swayed together, it felt like a dream. Soon, everyone joined them on the dance floor, and the party kicked off! It was a night filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.

Eva Murko Photography

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Tipi: Java Tipis

Dress: Timeless Elegance Bridal

Flowers: Beehive Florist

Catering: Atozest

Saxophonist: Andy Sax